Saturday, May 27, 2006

The NCAA Women's Softball Championships

Super Regionals are this weekend, and it's time to oggle Cat Osterman (pictured), Desiree Williams, and Megan Willis from Texas!

Texas takes on Washington today at 3pm on ESPN. Hook 'em Lady Horns! More screen time is a good thing...

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Sony to Gamers: We want all your money. And your children.


Sony finally took the wraps off the details for the PS3. It's coming out November 17th, and the minimum it's going to cost you is $499.99.

Yes, you read that right, $499.99. Jesus, this thing better come with a blowjob for that kind of jack, but it's not listed on the systems features.

MSNBC article

The enormous pricetag seems to primarily because of the decision to include their Hight Definition Blu-Ray technology for DVD playback on the thing. I'm not sure that Blu-Ray isn't the 2006 name for "BetaMax". Sony also seems to be engaging in a lot of "me too", copying Microsoft's ill-thought out two SKU release that was a near disaster at X360 launch, and Nintendo's motion-sensitive controller scheme.

Right now I'm of the opinion that I ain't paying $600 for the non-gimped version of the PS3, but I'm weak, so we'll see what happens closer to release date.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Good lord!

Has it been over a month since I last blogged?

I suck.

In other news, E3 starts on Wednesday, so that should be fun for the video game geek in all of us. I'm expecting more concrete information about the PS3 and Nintendo Wii (Whee!) which should both be releasing this Fall. For the PS3, at least, expect the launch problems of the Xbox360 times about a billion. Hopefully I'll be smart enough to pre-order this time, and the stores will be smart enough not to oversell. Yeah right.

Also on Wednesday Veronica Mars wraps up it's second season with the solution of the bus crash mystery. All the clues point one way, so I'm sure it's someone completely different. I haven't heard any news about season three, but here's hoping Veronica and Co. are back solving mysteries at Hearst College next year...

In baseball news, the Red Sox and Yankees are already in a dogfight at the top of the AL East, after a slow Yankee start. The Royals still suck mightily. Time to fire everyone and replace them with trained chimps. They can't do any worse.

The Bengals open the 2006 NFL season here in KC. That'll be a fun ticket for me to get.

That's it for now. I'll try and keep the blog updated with stuff I find interesting from E3 next week. Whether you find it interesting or not, is up to you...