Sunday, April 02, 2006

Oh yeah...

So anyway, SAM, Jon & Bridget, my dad, and I visited Fenway Park last Sunday. After a couple of wrong turns and getting on a cabbie's bad side, three of us (Jon & Bridget drove separately, and got just as lost) found ourselves on Boylston & Yawkey. A couple blocks walk up Yawkey brought us to the Red Sox team store, across from the park. After finally hooking up with J & B (they were on the opposite side of the park), we took the abbreviated Fenway tour. Because of the construction, stuff like going on the field and visiting someplace other than left field were unfortunately skipped. However, Kim, our tour guide gave us a great history of the park (most of which I already knew, but did hear a couple of things that were new to me). Then we went up onto the "Monstah". My goal is to see a game from those seats at least once in my lifetime. I've come up empty on the team-run lottery for seats the last two years, so I may have to resort to a ticket service or eBay. SAM and I vandalised the fair pole, joining countless others that have been fortunate enough to be up there. After Kim came up and made us leave, we took our complimentary calendars (which we picked up ON THE WAY OUT!) and visited "Game On!" a sports bar located on beneath the park on Landsdowne street. All in all, it was an awesome time, but I can't wait to get back there and see some actual baseball.


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