Monday, November 21, 2005

Revenge of the Nerd

Well, I'm gonna do it. Tonight at midnight I'm heading over to the Kansas City chapter of Nebraska Furniture Mart and see what the line situation for the release of Microsoft's Xbox 360 is. The store opens at 10am tomorrow, and they supposedly have 90 of them to sell. I'm actually hoping I get there and the place is deserted, so that I can come back home and return at a more reasonable hour, like 6am. If not, it may be a long, cold night for me and all the other weirdos. Wish me luck.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

I'm here!

After nearly a week of non-stop moving activities, I finally finished up this morning and turned in the keys to my old place. I'm now firmly ensconsed in my new digs, and I'm liking it. It'll take a few more days to get everything unpacked and arranged, but I'm certainly relieved to be done with it. Got a new cable company when I moved. Changed from Time-Warner to Everest, and I have to say that overall I like Everest better, but their DVR service sucks ass compared to TW's. You can't stop watching a recorded program, switch to live TV or another recording, and pick up the original where you left off. You have to start watching from the beginning again. The progress bar doesn't give you a timestamp to tell you where you are in the program you're watching. You can't start watching a recorded program while it's still recording. You can't search for a program by typing in it's name, you have to scan through the listings alphabetically, and then only one day at a time. These are all things you can do with TW's software, and it's pretty basic DVR stuff (these are things TiVo has been doing for YEARS, Everest!). I do like having ESPNU, ESPN2HD and NFL Network HD, though.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005's been another week.

Well, I got back from Washington DC yesterday afternoon, and promptly threw myself into moving to my new apartment. I'll spend most of the week moving the small stuff myself and then rent a truck for the furniture on Saturday. Fun fun fun! The new apartment is nice, but it'll be an adjustment since I haven't lived in a one-bedroom place in 12 years. Hopefully I can pare down my collection of crap to fit it all in.