Thursday, May 12, 2005

XBOX 360

Click the headline to download an interesting 5 minute video on the creation of the Xbox 360. Another website, which doesn't have a lot on it, yet, would be the official

Gotta say, the MTV thing was about as lame as I expected. The good news is that with the show out of the way, the floodgates of information can really open up. I expect we'll hear tons more on things like release dates and price points next week at E3. The rumors are that the Xbox 360 will be released in North America in the next six months, with Europe seven days behind, and Japan in the Winter of 2006. Doesn't matter what the thing costs. The second someone starts taking pre-orders, I'm there.

More of my likes and dislikes about the new console upcoming... To tide you over, here's a couple of pics from the official site (obviously these are NOT to scale):

The Xbox 360 Console (can be placed horizontally or (as seen here) vertically)

The Xbox 360 Controller (the "Ring of Light" in the center indicates which controller you're using (1 thru 4) and can also indicate when you receive game invites, and other things! Cool!)


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