Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Royals name Buddy Bell manager

I can't even beging to express my disappointment in this selection. Am I really supposed to be excited about a guy with a lifetime managerial record of .428? Jesus Christ, if I failed more than half the time at my job, I'd never get work again. If the Royals are resigned to sucking (which they obviously are), I would think they could have gone with someone that hasn't been around the block and already proved they can't do the job. Apparently Allard Baird's committment to a youth movement in Kansas City only applies to the players, and not their leadership. Hopefully, when the season is over and the Royals have set the new major league record for losses, both Bell and Baird will get the heave-ho from David Glass. I predict that I will not be the only person in the area unhappy with this selection. Fuck. I guess I can at least be happy that the Royals are only my second favorite team. It'd be nice if the BoSox could whip up on Baltimore the way they did the Spankees over the weekend...

Okay, I guess I could begin to express my disappointment.


Blogger AJ said...

My reply to this hire is on my blog. Parental discression is advised.

June 01, 2005 12:43 PM  

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