Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Royals name Buddy Bell manager

I can't even beging to express my disappointment in this selection. Am I really supposed to be excited about a guy with a lifetime managerial record of .428? Jesus Christ, if I failed more than half the time at my job, I'd never get work again. If the Royals are resigned to sucking (which they obviously are), I would think they could have gone with someone that hasn't been around the block and already proved they can't do the job. Apparently Allard Baird's committment to a youth movement in Kansas City only applies to the players, and not their leadership. Hopefully, when the season is over and the Royals have set the new major league record for losses, both Bell and Baird will get the heave-ho from David Glass. I predict that I will not be the only person in the area unhappy with this selection. Fuck. I guess I can at least be happy that the Royals are only my second favorite team. It'd be nice if the BoSox could whip up on Baltimore the way they did the Spankees over the weekend...

Okay, I guess I could begin to express my disappointment.

AJ goes nu-cu-lar on the NCAA and the CWS...

Don't agree with some of it, but it's quality stuff!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

A Gamers' Manifesto

This guy is my fucking hero. Well said.

So much for "Shoot first and ask questions later", eh?

Around the world women are saying "Great. Now he'll never get off me."

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Death penalty for stupidity, please.

This is where being allowed to just shoot people on the side of the road would come in handy...

You'd think they'd be more concerned with the nutritional value...

How about instead of complaining that the kids meals promote a film aimed at older moviegoers, they complain instead about the kids meals promoting fat kids?

Darth Vader really IS a bad guy...

This seems kind of beneath him... Gotta pay for those spare air filters, somehow, I guess...

Friday, May 20, 2005

Ill. Senate OKs Video Game Restrictions - Yahoo! News

Senator Deanna Demuzio is an idiot. Once again goverment tries to raise someone else's kids. What's the over/under on when this gets overturned?

And you just have to love career politicians like Mike Jacobs, who spouted this gem: "I'm going to vote for this bill, but I'm voting for it for one reason — because this is a political bill. If I vote against it, it will show up in a campaign mail piece." Hey thanks for considering how your constituents feel, Mike. You jackass, enjoy seeing THAT quote in a campaign mail piece instead...

CNN.com - British tabloid publishes photos of detained Saddam - May 20, 2005

Somehow, I KNEW he was a Tighty-Whities guy... Do you suppose other dictators were? Maybe that means something...

Thursday, May 19, 2005

GamesIndustry.biz - E3: Xbox 360 "backwards compatibility" explained

Pretty disappointing news, if true... The backwards compatibility issue appears to still be in flux, though, so who knows how it'll really shake out in the end...

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

TheOmahaChannel.com - Education - University Of Iowa Offers Porn Class

We take a break from E3 coverage to bring you this nugget.

"But Iowa House Speaker Chris Rants doesn't like the idea a bit. The lawmaker said the pornography class isn't something that should be taught with taxpayer's money."

Maybe I don't understand how it works, but doesn't tuition pay for the course? Tuition the students taking the course pay?

It's nice to know Iowa's biggest problem is apparently that 20 adult-age students might find out how the porn industry impacts mainstream culture. Anyone with two synapses to rub together already knows that the porn industry drives the consumer electronics industry. Have a cheap VCR/DVD player? Thank the porn industry. Broadband internet access? Porn industry.


Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Nintendo Revolution Unveiled News Story From 1UP.COM

Interesting looking. Still have seen/heard anything "revolutionary" coming from Nintendo as of yet. Will know more after their press briefing this morning, I expect.

Killzone 2 (PS3) Footage from Gamespot

Holy shit, this looks awesome!

Monday, May 16, 2005

Xbox 360 picks up Final Fantasy XI, will be backward compatible - Xbox 360 News at GameSpot

Kick-fucking-ass! (The backwards compatibility part. I don't give a shit about Final Fantasy)

Edit: My enthusiasm is now tempered somewhat, as it seems that X360 won't be backwards-compatible with ALL Xbox titles. Only "top-selling" titles will work, which is kind of weird. If you have to write in compatibility, why not just do a blanket compatibility? More later...

GameBrink.Com Blog - Playstation 3 Unveiled

First Playstation 3 pix! Hot!

PS3 news from GameDaily

First info on Sony's Playstation 3 have been released. Nothing earth-shattering, but nice to see they finally support more than two controllers out of the box. Seven's kind of a weird number, though.

E3 Keynote addresses

Microsoft and Sony have their E3 Keynote addresses tonight. I'm hoping there are some more details on Xbox 360 from Microsoft (although word has it they're not going to announce release date or pricing). Sony's supposedly going to announce their successor to the PS2. I'll post when I know more.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Take me out to the ballgame...

TBones vs. Saltdogs

Took in an exhibition game between the Kansas City T-Bones and the Lincoln (NE) Saltdogs today. Caught a foul ball on one bounce that I didn't even have to get out of my seat for. I got a good hand from the crowd, and a couple of passerby "nice catches", too. I ended up giving the ball to a little boy down about 6 rows from me. I have too many baseballs and pucks as it is... About the game: Northern League baseball is not great baseball. However, it's only 5 bucks to get in and parking is free, so they're ahead of the Royals in that respect.

Starting to get excited for E3 week, which starts tomorrow. Sony's expected to announce their next-generation Playstation console. Whether it'll be just PS3 or something else, I dunno. More news as it happens...

Friday, May 13, 2005

More X360 stuff...

Having had a little more time to digest what's out there presently, here's my Likes and Dislikes about the system:

All games support HD (720p and/or 1080i), 16x9, and 5.1 Surround
All games Xbox Live Aware
Wireless controllers that recharge through the console
Removeable/upgradable 20GB HDD
"Ring of Light" button on controllers to instantly access the dashboard to receive game invites, e-mail, etc.
WiFi ready

Well, my only real dislikes at the moment are actually "unknowns".

Price point (hopefully the base unit launches at no more than the $299 the original Xbox did)
Release date (I want it NOW)
Backwards compatibility (I don't care if it is or isn't compatible with previous Xbox software, just tell us already)

Hopefully we'll get the answers to some of those questions next week, but I've heard the Microsoft doesn't intend to announce the release date or price at E3. Bastards.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

XBOX 360

Click the headline to download an interesting 5 minute video on the creation of the Xbox 360. Another website, which doesn't have a lot on it, yet, would be the official http://www.xbox360.com

Gotta say, the MTV thing was about as lame as I expected. The good news is that with the show out of the way, the floodgates of information can really open up. I expect we'll hear tons more on things like release dates and price points next week at E3. The rumors are that the Xbox 360 will be released in North America in the next six months, with Europe seven days behind, and Japan in the Winter of 2006. Doesn't matter what the thing costs. The second someone starts taking pre-orders, I'm there.

More of my likes and dislikes about the new console upcoming... To tide you over, here's a couple of pics from the official site (obviously these are NOT to scale):

The Xbox 360 Console (can be placed horizontally or (as seen here) vertically)

The Xbox 360 Controller (the "Ring of Light" in the center indicates which controller you're using (1 thru 4) and can also indicate when you receive game invites, and other things! Cool!)


Man, do I ever want one of these: http://tinyurl.com/822yr

It's incredible how fast camera phone technology is advancing. It wasn't that long ago that a 2 megapixel dedicated digital camera was the top-of-the-line.

If Sprint or Samsung wants to send me one to review...

In other "Sexy Tech" news, Microsoft will unveil it's second generation Xbox console, dubbed "Xbox 360" on MTV tonight. I expect there won't be a lot of hard new information on it, but hopefully we'll at least get a nice teaser going into E3 next week. Personally, I'd just be happy knowing a release date at this point, so I can start saving.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Yerrrrrrr Out!

While I hate to see anyone lose their job, it was definitely time for a change. Granted, Pena "resigned", rather than being fired, but it was a foregone conclusion that he wouldn't be at the helm by the end of May. Anyone who's been watching the Royals for the past 13 months could see the writing on the wall. Whatever magic was there in 2003 that created a contender out of a 2002 pretender, it vanished as quickly as it arrived in 2004 when the Royals lost a team-record 104 games. Where the hell is Harry Potter when you need him?

There's immediate talk of the Royals' legendary second baseman, Frank White, taking the reins. White is in his second season managing AA Wichita. The move would definitely be popular with the fans, and might jump start Kansas City attendance, which is currently 29th (ahead of only Tampa Bay) at an average of just under 17,000 per game.

Whoever manages the Royals next, has their work cut out for them. The "youth-movement" has not panned out, nowhere more obviously than the bullpen. I'm starting to think that once the starting pitcher has tired, it may be easier to just set up a tee at home plate, rather than turning the ball over to any of the bozos out in right field. Hell, I think I may be a better choice, and I'm pretty sure I'd bounce it up there from the mound.

Magnifying the bullpen issues is the fact that apparently no one can HIT THE DAMN BALL. Poor Zack Greinke must be wishing he was in the National League right now, so he could at least have a shot at helping himself out, rather than relying on the miserable lineup he's stuck with.

Anyhow, I've rambled enough. Although I'm a card-carrying member of Red Sox Nation, I'd like to see the Royals do well when they're not playing the boys from beantown. Here's hoping Pena's resignation is the first step on the road to recovery.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Thanks Bridge!

Bridget pointed out that my original blog name didn't quite make sense, so I renamed it.

If you came here looking for hats, I'm afraid you're out of luck.

I'm with you, AJ

The inmates have taken over the asylum. Time to get out while the gettin' is good...

Unfortunate to see what's become of the premier UNO Hockey website.

Nothing changes how I feel about Jon and Bridget, however. They're still great people that I'm proud to count amongst my friends. Best of luck to 'em, though.

Monday, May 09, 2005

A Picture Share!

Just testing out the new moblog function of Blogger. Here's Ariel. As usual...

Saturday, May 07, 2005


Are you excited?